Augmented Reality is a limited tool

In our class, we are learning through project-based learning. Which is a more hands on and student involved approach to learning. This new approach is fascinating, instead of forcing students to remember facts, students are able to solve for themselves. Coming to these conclusions on our own is a natural way to remember things for a much longer amount of time, not to mention it is much more interesting and fun for the students. Making learning fun also allows students to maintain interest in the subject, which makes project based learning a great way to enjoy learning with more attention.
While project based learning has many up sides for education, it is relatively new, which means that there will be more steps along the way to perfecting this learning process, and Aurasma is simply one of these steps. Aurasma is an app for modern technological appliances that when aimed at an image will automatically play a pre-recorded video right before your eyes. This is a great road that modern technology is allowing us to travel along, however, while this idea is extremely innovative and has great potential, it is no more than a stop along the road. It is not clear where Aurasma will lead to, however it is clearly limited.
Aurasma is an extremely glorified searching tool. It can use an image as a link to a video that has been created before. The new part of this technology is that instead of using a series of letters as a link, it uses a visual image. This can be seen as an incredibly clever short cut or as more work than necessary. While a link can be strenuous to copy the letters into a URL, (unless you can copy and paste), it can be put anywhere at anytime. An Aurasma link can only be uploaded to one site at a time. In order to put a link somewhere a new link must be created an uploaded to a database. Also, multiple links can not be attached to a single image, while a simple link could be followed by yet another link over and over again.
In practice there are very few situations that Aurasma actually saves much time. That is when a person wants to put a single link on a single image. This can be good for things such as movie posters linked to their trailers. Unfortunately, if you want to look more into the movie, such as for reviews of the movie, you would need to switch over to Google. In short, Aurasma can be used effectively for a short glimpse into what an image means, however for more in depth searching, Aurasma is ineffective. For classroom projects Aurasma would be useful, however how long can this technology last with its only revenue coming from a small portion of classrooms.
Aurasma is not doomed however, it still has high potential for real-world use. If Aurasma were to lead to a more detailed description of the images with the utilization of simple links, then it would be very effective. If the video would only take up a portion of the screen for example, with links to any URL that the user could need then it would cover all the information we would ever need. The creator of the image link could be given a screen, which would allow them to attach links with their descriptions. This display would also allow Aurasma to attach advertisements to the image to video links, and add another revenue stream to their application. If no links are attached, then the process would remain the same as it is. This simple addition to the application would allow it to cover the ground that it is currently missing and allow users to find more information quicker than ever imagined.

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  1. ahglennon says:

    Really liked this article, Alec. Do you have any opinions on how we can use it in our class or perhaps on the gravestone we are planning? Over all I think you did a great job explaining the basis of aurasma. However I am curious on how it is being used for education?

  2. 14dlw says:

    This is some good work Alec, impressing. Could you explain how we can take this information and use it to our advantage in our investigation? You could explain how this is used for education a little further.

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