Seth Hunt House

During the time of under ground railroad the slaves had to hide out in peoples houses for safe havens. The railroads were made up strings of houses that abolitionist who would keep the slaves hidden within there house. In Florence The Seth Hunt house helped in this though not officially confirmed there are documents stating they were kept in his house as a safe haven.

In 1842, members of the Northampton Association of Education and Industry established a utopian community organized around a communally owned and operated silk mill. Those who were drawn to this community sought to challenge the prevailing social attitudes of their day by creating a society in which “the rights of all are equal without distinction of sex, color or condition, sect or religion.” They were especially united around the issue of the abolition of slavery. Most were followers of William Lloyd Garrison. Sojourner Truth was a member of the community and visitors like Frederick Douglass were regular lecturers.

Charter member of Free Congregational Society of Florence He married Juliet Briggs of Keene, New Hampshire on October 2, 1838. Seth Hunt was an outspoken abolitionist and his house at 115 Bridge Street in Northampton served as a way station on the Underground Railroad. He was an active member of the Free Congregational Society of Florence, a radical religious group in the vicinity of Northampton. He wrote extensively for local newspapers on a variety of progressive subjects including abolition, temperance, vegetarianism, and vaccination. Among his notable correspondents were Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Ward Beecher, Horace Greeley, and William Lloyd Garrison. A key developer of the Connecticut River Railroad, Seth Hunt served as the corporation’s treasurer and clerk. (Guide to the Papers of the Hunt Family, MS-1173, Rauner Special Collections Library, Dartmouth College)

The house was a key part in getting the slaves from florence to springfield and other destination to evade the oppressions of slavery and gain the freedoms of all men should have.

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