The First Church of Christ


The First Church of Christ is located on 75 Main Street in Farmington, CT. The church was founded in 1962. The First Church of Christ is known for serving many purposes and has been an important place for local history in Farmington. The first pastor of the church was Roger Newton, who was the son-in-law of Hartford founder Thomas Hooker. Noah Porter was the church’s seventh minister and served when the Underground Railroad was at its peak.

Before the church was used as an Underground Railroad stop, the Native Americans used the church for a “Sabbath School”. The Sabbath school taught Native Americans how to become Christians and forget about their culture. The church was the first place in the country where the “Sabbath School” was taught.  Not only was the church a significant part of Native American history, it is also a very important place for the Underground Railroad. Slaves who escaped from their landowners came to the church to get help on their way to freedom. At this time in Farmington, there were many supporters of the abolitionist movement who helped the slaves on their way to the free life. The supporters of the abolitionist movement helped the slaves out by bringing them food and keeping them safe. Farmington was often called “Grand Central Station” because of the abolitionist activities going on in town. The Amistad Africans were also in very good hands in the church. They were provided with food, clothes, housing and education. Mendi was a well-known group of Amistad Africans who were introduced to the church when they arrived to Farmington, where they started attending weekly services. Just before to their return to Africa, Sengbe Pieh, who was their leader, had a moving address in their native tongue.

Many slaves were helped to escape up north. Not only were the slaves that escaped taken good care of, there were many people caring about them and it is estimated that around 30,000 slaves were helped on their way to freedom through Farmington. The First Church of Christ was very important on slaves’ way to freedom and still is an important part of history today. After being a part of something so big for the abolitionist movement, the church was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1975.



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6 Responses to The First Church of Christ

  1. suffieldkid says:

    I really liked how you gave a basic history of the church but then switched to how the church affected the Underground Railroad. What was the “Sabbath School,” like what did it entail? I think including the minister of the church at this time would have helped.

  2. 14dlw says:

    Good work you have done here Sofie, I enjoyed your excellent introduction with the background information of the church. I was a little confused with what the definition of a “Sabbath School” is, would you mind telling? There are some grammatical work that could be done on this HOT log. Great job!

  3. drewglennon says:

    Great Job Sophie, I especially liked your opening paragraph as well as the sources you provided. Did you happen to come across any of the documents proving this church to be a site, ones that we would hope to find for a Suffield site? I think the piece could be strengthened with more on the actions of Noah Porter and if he had any relations with figured we have already come across.

  4. 14bsd says:

    An interesting article and a good writing to cover it. Would this be a possible landmark that the class could visit on a field trip? Maybe it wasn’t entirely necessary to add the parts about the native americans but nonetheless still an interesting piece of history to know.

  5. jackfrank18 says:

    Off the bat, great job introducing the Church and bringing it into your writing. I wonder if you should re-arrange the paragraphs so that the importance of the Church comes before the physical location. Also, I think that if you expanded upon the importance of the Church as part of the Underground Railroad, your writing would be greatly improved. Great job!

  6. Ben N says:

    Sofie, I continue to be amazed by your writing skills–great introductory paragraph. These logs are meant to be short and informative and you have exhibited the ability to be concise in your writing. Could you identify your sources for this specific investigation? There are some grammar errors in this post so I would suggest revision.

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