The Mastermind: Viola

She’s the Man and Twelfth Night have many aspects similar to each other. She’s the Man has many lines, scenes, and characters are nearly identical to the one’s Shakespeare has created in his play. For example, Viola the main character in both of the movie and play, tries to keep Olivia away from Duke. Once she figures out she has feelings for the Duke, Viola makes sure that Olivia stays a safe distance away from the man she loves. In the play, Viola does what she needs to do to keep Orsino more interested in other people and other things than have him dwell over Olivia. Viola, as Cesario, mentions herself to Orsino to see if he is interested and that he is. Viola tries to pry apart Orsino’s obsession of Olivia, so she can have a chance with him. Then, in the movie, Viola, as her brother, figures out she has feelings for Duke very shortly after meeting him. After the kissing booth incident, Duke is attracted to Viola and is battling with his feelings in figuring out who he is more feelings for, Olivia or Viola. Viola feels she is losing her chances with the Duke, so does anything in her power to convince him to take Viola on a date. In the end, the play and movie convey Viola as someone who wants to keep the love of her life within reach and not have someone else take him away from her.

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