Samuel Deming, His wife, and His home


This brief, but informative article helps shed light to the topic of abolitionist movement and the helping of the underground railroad in 1800 Farmington.  While it may not be the biggest of articles or the most important to surround Farmington when it come to anti-slavery movements, it is still an important one nonetheless.  When taking a look at Farmington, CT, we see that there is a lot of activity within the walls and this house is certainly no exception.

In total there were four people living in the house, which included Samuel Deming, Catherine Deming, Austin F. Williams and John T. Norton.  What Samuel Deming is most famous for is he had decided to bring the Mende Africans of La Amistad to Farmington and supervised their stay, taking care of all of them.  This is pretty important considering the importance of la Amistad; the class can see that Samuel Deming house was one of the places that they went after La Amistad.  Samuel Deming was known back then as an outspoken abolitionist, his wife, Catherine was also known as an outspoken abolitionist herself. She ran charities and other events to raise money in order to fuel the abolitionist cause.

When researching at Farmington, CT and what happened with La Amistad, I believe that it is important to pay attention to where they went after La Amistad and how Samuel Deming took them all under his care.  An impressive feat to think about indeed, but not only that but how there home was known as a station for the underground railroad, meaning that many other runaway slaves were helped there at the house.


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5 Responses to Samuel Deming, His wife, and His home

  1. suffieldkid says:

    This is very concise but provides great information like the four people living in the house. Do you know what charities Samuel Deming’s wife was part of? I think a map or location of the house in Farmington would be helpful.

  2. 14dlw says:

    Good job with your article here Brendan, very informative and interesting! Is this house a possible location for a visit on our trip? Some grammatical work could be done on the title and throughout the text to make the HOT log article better. Great job!

  3. drewglennon says:

    I like how you took the approach of beginning the article with what exactly it is about. Is the house in fact where the members of the Amistad were housed? A great over all piece, one thing that would be nice would be the addition of sources so more research may be done.

  4. jackfrank18 says:

    Great job writing on this difficult topic, Brendon. Is this title appropriate for this work? I believe that if you include further information as to Samuel Deming’s wife and home, your work could be greatly improved. I thought that your choice of media was excellent. Keep up the good work!

  5. Ben N says:

    Brendan, this is an interesting piece. I am not sure the title you have works, but we have spent an inadequate amount of time in class discussing the Amistad so this post is refreshing and informational. Does the source used here have any more information about Samuel Deming? I think you should expand on the Amistad part or the Samuel Deming piece.

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