21st Century Annotations: Summarize, Assess, and Reflect

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 6.43.13 PMWe have so many research items to track down for our investigation of the UGRR in Suffield that we have to adopt and update an old model. We need to spread out our researching talents and annotate all the sources on our to do research list in the PBL Notebook. Then we will decide together how to prioritize our next HOT Logs. For anything you research, a book, internet site, archive, historian, etc, you will be summarizing, assessing and reflecting on that source’s value with respect to our specific goals. Again, a source for us can be so many different things: an internet address of an article, an obituary, a line from the 1850s census (primary document) other online source, piece of media, primary source from a library, etc. This is something that you found that is a meaningful source for learning something new about our goals. See here for a model of an annotated bibliography.


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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