Shakespeare’s Life:Play

Micheal Wood shows many astonishing facts that thoroughly explained William Shakespeare’s lifetime. One thing that impressed me is that Shakespeare wrote his pieces as his real experiences occur in his life. For example, he wrote his first Sonnet based off of his first love;

But were it to my fancy given
To rate her charms, I’d call them heaven;
For though a mortal made of clay,
Angels must love Anne Hathaway;

She hath a way so to control,
To rapture the imprisoned soul,
And sweetest heaven on earth display,
That to be heaven Anne hath a way;

She hath a way,
Anne Hathaway,–
To be heaven’s self Anne hath a way.

Additionally, many secondary homage of Shakespeare such as Shakespeare in Love explains that his surroundings and people influence his work greatly. Micheal Woods shows that Shakespeare’s characters are mainly based off people around him. Women in his play are shown that they have strong power and intelligent, because women in his life strongly influenced his life. His works are mainly parallel to his life.

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