Austin William House

austin-f-williams-house-carriage-house-1296929837x0The Austin F. Williams House andCarriagehouse are significant for their association with the Underground Railroad and the celebrated Amistad affair of 1839-1841. Oral tradition indicates that Austin F. Williams (1805-1885), a leading abolitionist of the day who devoted much of his life to the cause, was an Underground Railroad conductor and, along with other citizens, made the Farmington community a major Underground Railroad stop. Austin F. Williams and his wife Jennet Cowles Williams were known abolitionists. During the Mende’s imprisonment, Williams corresponded with his friend Lewis Tappan, a member of the Amistad Committee that had been established for the defense of the Amistad captives and was raising funds for their return home. Williams, Samuel Deming and John Treadwell Norton arranged for the Africans to be sheltered in Farmington after their release. Upon their arrival, the men and the one young boy, Kale, were housed on the second floor of Samuel Deming’s store. More room was needed, and Williams offered to build a temporary living quarters for them. 

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7 Responses to Austin William House

  1. suffieldkid says:

    This is a very organized piece of writing; I really like the picture in the beginning. Do you know any more information on the living quarters of the freed slaves from the Amistad? I think providing a cite would be very helpful.

  2. ahglennon says:

    A very informative piece you have here Sam. I question on how this site will pertain to our search in Suffield? If so is, it worth visiting on our trip to Farmington in the near future? I feel like your writing here could be improved with a but more context and less fact stating. Over all nice work.

  3. 14dlw says:

    I like what you did here Sam, you include a lot of facts in your work. What do you think is the most important piece of information we can consume from your research here? I feel like you could have added some more contexts in your work here, maybe describing each fact you provided further.

  4. 14bsd says:

    A very informative and fact-based writing here, good use of an up to date picture of the house. Do you think that this is one of the most important buildings when talking about La Amistad? Maybe break up your writing so it is in paragraphs instead of one big piece, but besides that great work.

  5. bsullivan35 says:

    Good points about fundraising, housing, etc, Sam. Just make one more step of reflection. What is the impact on our investigation for such a sympathetic area to our immediate southwest?

  6. jackfrank18 says:

    Great job writing a very condense and organized piece of work. Do you think that you could expand upon Suffield’s involvement in the Austin William House? There are a couple of grammatical errors that I would suggest that you look over, which would greatly improve your writing. However, great job overall.

  7. Ben N says:

    Eugene, though this post is a little short, it is organized and informative. Do you think you could go into more depth about the Austin William House? There are very few grammatical errors.

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