Letter about Suffield


This letter is amazing. It talks about how Suffield Academy, or the Connecticut Literary Institute, was pro slavery, but Lucian Burleigh was trying to change that. He acquired a room and started to talk to students about anti slavery. This is most likely Josiah Mckwhinnie got the record books for anti slavery. Lucian Burleigh we can now connect to the Liberator and the Boston Female anti-slavery society. The letter was made out to the Boston Female anti-slavery society, specifically Maria Weston.

The letter is in good condition for the age of the letter, but hard to read with the cursive. The time period of this letter however makes it even better because it is a first hand account of Suffield. With the names and connections on this letter, we might be able to find where people where living, or find them in other historic accounts.

This fits with our research because our goal is to add Suffield onto a document stating a certain place in the town was on the UGRR. This is a great place to start. Even though it does not mention runaway slaves, it does mention however a location where anti slavery committees may have been held.


This document is fantastic. It gives a description of what the house looks like, and what it was used for. It tells the time period of which it was used. It tells us the significance of the house as well. It also gives a brief history about Francis Gillette himself.

This site is very useful, because it is one of the closest account of the house in relation to time. It has not been translated for another purpose; it was strictly for documentation so it is only fact and no opinion. And it is short enough that we could all read and understand it in a short time period.

This fits into our research because a few people have done hot logs about the house, but I have not seen this document. It is very helpful and can only expand our knowledge of the house.


This website is obviously useful because we have already used it in class. However if I could read any of the names on the letter I found that might be even more useful. It would give us a location of our target to which we could track down other leads.

It will be very helpful because it could give us certain names or locations. It is very professional and accurate. With the names on the letter, we can find where they are living.

It fits with our research because we need people to research over this time period. Because certain people were very helpful, but also illusive with documentation of their good deeds.

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4 Responses to Letter about Suffield

  1. drewglennon says:

    Jimmy I think you did a great job writing these. I like your use of paragraph separation; it makes extracting the information you have provided very easy. What was your best method of finding a good source? Over all I think it looks very good, you might want to consider adding more technical information (date published, author etc.). Over all great job.

  2. 14bsd says:

    Very interesting sources Jimmy, you can see that you spent a good time doing your research and have a deep enthusiasm for your work. Do you think that our research as a class is headed in the right direction? Maybe don’t space out your paragraphs because that tends to look like more like bullet points. Regardless a great annotated bibliography.

  3. jackfrank18 says:

    Great job collecting and finding a series of different resources, Jimmy. Out of all the listed sources, which one is your favorite? To polish your paper, I would suggest including the standard work cited information before the annotated portion of your paper. Great job!

  4. BozotheClown says:

    Good work! You have clearly taken your time in researching and finding good sources to provide for us. It seems as if you talk about each source just as important as the next, but do you think there is one that could benefit us more than the next? I completely agree with the third paragraph on your first source. Our main goal is to add Suffield on the list of anti-slavery and underground railroad documents, and this is proof that Suffield actually was involved in it!

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