A Review of Sources

“Tracking the Truth of the Underground Railroad” by Steve Grant


This is a good source for getting an idea on local history of the UGRR as it gives an up to date status on local sites in which have or could be useful in uncovering history. Published in a semi local news paper, this article along with others has already lead to the exposure of Bliss St. in Hartford. The article references the 13 sites in Peter Hinks documents we have just finished analyzing. Overall it is very useful and Grant as a journalist has some great work out there on the UGRR.

“A review of sites associated with the Underground Railroad in Connecticut” by Peter Hinks

This unpunished documents is a prime resource for those exploring the Underground Railroad in Connecticut. It begins with a general overview of slavery and abolition within the state but then narrows the findings down to sites within specific towns. This is important as it saves time and research as it identifies sites that one researching may want to further explore. The only weak side to this document in my opinion, is the fact that it lists sites in towns, for example, Norwich, and does not have any information. However this is similar to our own situation as we have a site, the house on Ratley Rd., however we do not have information on it. Therefore we must mock the investigation tactics Hinks uses and expose this information on West Suffield.

Project Muse (A Johns Hopkins University Site)


This is a website in which has an accessible copy of The Underground Railroad in Connecticut, a book by Horatio T. Struthers. The website includes a review of this book, showing the importance of the story being told and how it is not as accessible as it should be. Most importantly this site gives the availability of searching within the book. This feature gives a researcher an easy way to search within the 200+ pages, for example the term “Suffield” returned three results. This is a good easy access source to think important book for our search.

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7 Responses to A Review of Sources

  1. suffieldkid says:

    I really like the way you approached each piece, you can tell that you cared about each on the same. Do you have a preference though? The only polish I have is either a grammatical or spelling problem in the beginning of your second annotated bibliography.

  2. 14dlw says:

    Very good job you did here Drew, I am impressed! You took great care of your work and provided strong descriptions for your sources. What is your favorite source out of all these? Looking over your work, there is not much to correct besides a grammar mistake in your source.

  3. Ben N says:

    Good work, son! You provided us with great details concerning the information you derived from three important and relevant sources. Will you be able to decide which source is best to continue researching? The post needs work grammatically, but those mistakes can be fixed in class.

  4. 14bsd says:

    A very nice collection of sources you have here. These three will definitely aid us in our quest to find new information on the underground railroad. Do you think that one of these sources is more important than the rest? Overall great work and a good job of sticking to the format of annotated bibliography

  5. jackfrank18 says:

    I think that your collection of resources is excellent. Which is your most valuable resource? I think that this work can be improved by clearly stating which source is the most important to the least important. Great job though!

  6. BozotheClown says:

    Good sources. I like how your first source is a more up to date site about the underground railroad. Way to go into detail with both websites. We could easily find out more information from both sources, but do you know both of them the same amount or is there one you are more comfortable with navigating?

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