Loyalty to the Old Faith

The most eye opening part of Michael Wood’s documentary about William Shakespeare is the exploration of Shakespeare’s Catholic back round. Shakespeare grew up in a time period with tremendous religious and political controversy due the Elizabethan era. In Michael Wood’s documentary it becomes clear in Shakespeare’s will that he keeps his loyalty to the old faith even though his religious beliefs are being put to a stop due to the new rule. Shakespeare lives a hidden life due to his religious beliefs. His writing illustrates the struggles of his time period. In Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare’s Catholic beliefs are illuminated in the role of the friar. The friar is a symbol of Shakespeare’s Catholic beliefs and the struggles he faced to keep his religious beliefs secret. Shakespeare’s involvement in the obstacles faced during this time period brings mischievous plots into his writing. Image

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One Response to Loyalty to the Old Faith

  1. hudsonemily says:

    Very good interpretation of the connection between Shakespeare’s life and his play Much Ado About Nothing. Interesting insight of what it all meant to him and his writing. Great job!

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