Shakespeare’s Subliminal Support


urlThe most important aspect of Shakespeare’s lost years would be the ideal that he may have been teaching during this time and was a mentor to people. This, plus his previous schooling and participation in plays, developed his education and abundant literature. This is shown through all works that Shakespeare comprised from his plays to his sonnets after his lost years. After not knowing where this man was he suddenly appears in London and sweeps away thousand of play lovers, outdoing the rest. This depicts the amount of literature and education that he must have obtain during his lost years. When we compare his mentoring and teaching in his actual life, to his plays we can see characters such as Duke Orsino, Horatio, Frier Laurence and Don Pedro all being strong characters in their individual plays. With Duke Orsino we see a character that speaks using very formal and educated language meaning that education was present in his life. Horatio through his mentoring position, helping Hamlet with decisions to be made; being a constant source of advice and support for him. In Frier Laurence we see another example of mentoring. When Romeo and Juliet are in need of guidance they go to the Frier for advice. Just like the kids going to the teacher for help, this is shown with the Frier and the kids. As well as comparing Shakespeare’s teaching/mentoring life to Don Pedro and how he demonstrates his mentoring ability for Claudio in his quest for love, guiding him and helping him along the way.

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