The lost Scenery

urlDuring the lost years of Shakespeare, It is suspected that he goes north and stays in the strong hold of Catholicism in England. This is important because these areas and religion influenced his writing. His religion gave him place to reside in northern England because his grade school teacher found him a job and a place to stay with a wealthy catholic family. This allowed Shakespeare to continue his religion that was stripped from his culture, but also be given new scenery to write and create masterpieces around. The influence that these “lost years” have on Shakespeare help to shape his writings for the rest of his career. This is most evident in King Henry the VI Part 3 when he references a receding estuary that characters walk across. This scenery is evidence that he was in these parts of England because near where he was assumed to be, there is an estuary much like the one he uses in scenes.

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One Response to The lost Scenery

  1. 14sc says:

    It is very good that he pointed out the place where really influenced Shakespeare in writing plays

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