Titus Kent

Titus Kent was a slave living in Suffield CT, during the revolutionary war, born around 1770. His master was Elihu Kent, and fathered Titus Gay. During the war Titus Kent served in the Connecticut militia with the other volunteers from Suffield. Interestingly the militia for Connecticut was made up by about one third of Suffield soldiers. The reason Titus Kent fought was because any slave who fought in the war would gain his freedom at the end. In the town of Suffield, Titus Kent was known as both a hero and an enemy. He was a hero to the slaves due to his actions regarding a missing slave. Titus’s lover desperately wanted her freedom, and he hid her in the caves along the Metacommet trail on the outskirts of town. He did this for a long while until eventually she was discovered and brought back to town. Here their love continued as Phil, his lover became very ill. She became so ill that she hallucinated God coming to her, and could not move out of bed. Eventually when she died Titus dug her grave and made a great funeral. Shortly after this, as if his luck couldn’t get worse, a great time of sickness hit Suffield, and Titus’s master became ill. When his master died something changed in Titus. When he was granted freedom in 1788 he quit his job for a week to show what he could do with his freedom. Also with his freedom he ran a liquor still. His life ended around the age of 40 and Suffield would never be the same. At his death many people came to his service including his children, friends, family, and even some white people from the town of Suffield.

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