Was Shakespeare Really Lost?

William_Shakespeare_-birthplace_-house2In Michael Wood’s documentary ‘Lost Years’ he talks about what happened in Shakespeare’s life during the time period when there is nothing documented about him, and what people barely know. During his ‘Lost years’ Wood said Shakespeare lived in many different houses and worked many jobs, which allowed for a more diverse outlook on the world and therefore created more unique and interesting characters in his sonnets and plays. Growing up, Shakespeare would move from house to house mainly because of his father’s work opportunities where he would sometimes help him make gloves, for instance. He was also exposed to different religions, Catholicism being the most influential because that was the religion his parents followed. However, Shakespeare did not really follow a religion which caused some turmoil in the family. From the events of moving all the time, to conflicts with religion, this definitely helped Shakespeare become more exposed to the world and helped him come up with interesting and fascinating characters.

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