Who Is Shakespeare?

ShakespeareQuestionWilliam Shakespeare, was he really lost in his lost years? Was he really the man he has been portrayed as by historians and artists? There are many things us readers, historians, authors, poets, etc… know about Shakespeare but there are things we don’t know, and that is what is so interesting about Shakespeare and how he is portrayed as in his biography by Michael Wood. From what I have learned, there a plenty of connections between Shakespeare’s life and his works, but I believe one strong comparison between his life and his plays, is that most people don’t actually know this, but Shakespeare wasn’t a nobody, he didn’t come from a very poor family nor a un-popular family. Shakespeare’s family were popular people, some were successful, and owned land, he himself was wealthy at one point, when his dad was making money “under the table”. The fact that he came from a pretty popular family portrays in his plays because in most cases the main characters are wealthy, successful, popular people. For example, Romeo and Juliet , both characters come from popular families. Duke Orsino and Olivia , are both important, wealthy characters with servants and nice houses. Lastly, in Much Ado About Nothing the whole household consist of important people, like the prince, men who were in battle, and live in a big house, which shows wealth. This connection may not be one that is heard about very often but it gives you a deeper understanding of the point I’m trying to make about Shakespeare’s life, and how it would of helped him be such a successful writer.

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