Seeking Sophia Sherman


Dear Canterbury Historical Society,

My name is Sofie Skaugen and I am currently a senior at Suffield Academy. I am taking a course with English teacher Bill Sullivan and nine other students. The class is called Project Based Learning. We are looking into the Underground Railroad that went through Connecticut and we have investigated many small towns in Connecticut that have been related to it. At the moment we are investigating important people that have visited/been through Suffield when they were working as abolitionists. It has been proved that Charles Sherman’s wife, Sophia Sherman lived in Canterbury for a majority of her life. Although it has been proved, our class our not sure what Charles Sherman’s wife was doing in Canterbury in the 1830’s. I was wondering if you might have some information about Sophia Sherman that might benefit our investigation? Do you also know if Sophia Sherman had any connections to any other pro abolitionists in Canterbury? The class is aware that she taught black girls and tried to educate them. I hope you have time to answer back and help my class further understand the Underground Railroad.

My e-mail address is

Thank you in advance for your time.

Sofie Skaugen

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