A Superb Shakespearian Interpretation

PaperBullets0137rThe play, These Paper Bullets, depicted Shakespeare’s work of Much Ado about Nothing in a more modern light. My favorite scene from the play was the interrogation of the journalist and photographer that were to blame for the breaking up of Claude and Higgy. This scene portrayed the original aspects of the play while giving it a more modern and comical twist. This scene brings together the original Shakespearian style with the modern day. This is an aspect that more people can relate to, sending the same message just in a different way.

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One Response to A Superb Shakespearian Interpretation

  1. chatmanwebb1 says:

    I liked your scene choice because the small space provided comic tension.
    Is there any similar scenes in other Shakespearian plays?
    You could have a video showing the scene since not everyone has seen the play.

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