Powerful female characters


In many of Shakespeare’s plays, we can see that there are a lot of powerful and strong female characters. In class, we read Twelfth Night, Much Ado about Nothing, and Taming of the Shrew. We can see that all three plays have really important female characters, which are equally powerful as male characters in the play. In Twelfth Night, there is Viola who is very brave and who is one of the main characters in the play. In the play, most of the acts are led by Viola. She is very brave enough to disguise herself as male and go up to Duke Orsino. In Much Ado about Nothing, there is Beatrice, who uses very harsh words towards people. It is easy to tell that she is not really afraid of anything. Also her attitude towards love was very interesting in the beginning. Lastly, in The Taming of the Shrew, there is Katharina who is very rude and violent. By reading three of Shakespeare’s famous plays, it is evident that Shakespeare likes to set strong female characters as well as male characters.

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One Response to Powerful female characters

  1. joonhong123 says:

    Good matching and similar powerful characteristics between three strong female characters. More of additional description will make this post better, but overall info delivery is excellent. What are the difference between the characters?

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