Modernism In NYC

The Hearst Building, in New York City, exhibits modernism in the form of presenting puzzling features. To start off, the building as the foundation of a pre-1900’s building while the main part of the building was built during the modernism time period in the United States. The other puzzling feature of this building is that the windows that it has are not squares, nor to they perpendicular to the street like so many other building it surrounds. There is a bit of mystery to why the windows are they way they are. The reason for the windows being the way they are is because more sunlight is let in by the windows therefore the people that work in the building are able to benefit from more natural light as opposed to artificial light. The Hearst Building has all of these weird features because the weird features make it the most green energy efficient building in New York.

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  1. Max Beitler says:

    Great find!

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