The Power of Resurrection

Image The theme of resurrection is one of the most prevalent in all of literature because of where it stems from. The motif of resurrection first resided within the Bible.Three days after the death of Jesus, his mother Mary visited his tomb. She found the stone in front of his resting place moved and the tomb empty. Mary then found Jesus standing behind her, real and in the flesh out of the tomb. Jesus explained he has resurrected from the dead to rest in Heaven. The resurrection of Jesus is currently celebrated by all Christians and acknowledged by mass markets on a spring Sunday every year. An example of resurrection in another piece of literature occurs in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. At the very end of the novel, Edna Pontellier jumps into the ocean, and takes her bathing suit off. For the first time in her life, Edna feels the freedom that has escaped her throughout her adult life. She claims she feels like,” some newborn creature,” as she has never experienced her newfound liberty. This release of tension and stress represented by Edna’s bathing suit is her own personal resurrection as she is creating a new way of life. Chopin does an excellent job of tying the evident biblical allusion in the conclusion of the story as it helps create a powerful yet logical ending. Chopin’s use of resurrection with Edna helps tie the novel together as it displays the struggle she has overcome.

Other novels that include the theme of resurrection:

The Great Gatsby, by: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Scarlet Letter, by: Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by: Mark Twain


The picture shown above depicts Jesus Christ rising out of his tomb three days after he was crucified. This was the first resurrection and it has become a common theme in literature and daily life as well.

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3 Responses to The Power of Resurrection

  1. owenhern says:

    You explained the significance of resurrection in both The Bible and in The Awakening very nicely. It is well written, and you do a good job conveying your ideas. I personally wouldn’t have picked up on Chopin’s allusion, but after you explained it I certainly see that is is one. One question I have is what particular scenes in the novels you mentioned are allusions to the resurrection? A suggestion I have is to consider organizing your thoughts into paragraphs so that it is more structured.

  2. 15lr says:

    I like how you related the resurrection of Christ to a piece of literature metaphorically. Additionally, the post not only highlights how prevalent the motif is, but also how it can be easily overlooked. Finally, you summarized the key points of both works well, which in turn left ample room for your analysis. I particularly liked how you described the significance of Edna’s bathing suit.
    To improve, I would suggest to break your paragraph into two separate parts for organizational purposes.
    Great job!

  3. 15aek says:

    You did a very nice job of explaining the resurrection motif in The Awakening. The post is not only well written but clearly organized and easy to understand. Mentioning Edna feeling as though she is some “new born creature” backs up your argument perfectly. Instead of keeping these ideas in one large paragraph, I would suggest breaking the post up into two or three.

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