Henry Foster’s involvement in the UGRR

In the 1800’s, African Americans who lived in Hartford, grew up being unprivileged and treated badly in church. After being treated so badly, the African American people started their own church in the first church of Christ, which is now the Center Church in Hartford. This became the first black congressional church in Connecticut.  Henry Foster, who was a faithful member of the church and a leader in the community, was one of the people who was a part of starting a church. Foster also led the development of a state temper society for African Americans. James Pennington, who was a runaway slave and witnessed a lot of violence throughout his life, was very eager to be free of all the brutality. He left Maryland, headed north and ended up In New York through the Underground Railroad. Pennington later converted to Christianity and then became an ordained minister studying at Yale University. After he finished studying at Yale University, he moved to Hartford and joined the same church as Henry Foster.


Source: http://www.hogriver.org/issues/v03n03/congregational_church.htm

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