Water as a Motif in the Bible.


water-from-the-rock2Water in the Bible is the element of god’s intervention within the world of men. From the instrument of his terrible wrath world wide, to the path of salvation for the Israelite people; god has always wrought his greatest works through the medium of water. Water is also symbolic of godly approval as the desert world in which Christianity and Judaism formed was an environment in which water could spell death by either drought which was so common or the occasional flash floods which would cause widespread destruction. The wealth that god brought the traveling Israelites in the spring from the rock is contrasted to the clear disapproval shown to the Egyptians in the ruining of the Nile’s life brining waters as it turned to blood. The godly power over water clearly originates from its importance in the cradle of religion


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3 Responses to Water as a Motif in the Bible.

  1. ablyster says:

    Your analysis of how water is used in the bible is very well-written and explained. The way it flows and your choice of words help with that as well. However, what pieces of literature is this motif evidenced in? My suggestion would be to further this explanation by connecting it to another piece of literature. Otherwise you did bloody well (insert accent here).

  2. shakirademitrus says:

    The analysis of water is well explained and eloquent, but I wish that you had included a piece of art or another work of literature in order to give your post some more depth.

  3. nickcalfano says:

    I love the way you connect the similarities in the Christian and Jewish religions but it would be great if you further elaborated on the subject. However I wonder if water is truly symbolic of godly approval?

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