Expertise on W. H. Auden

kirby1largeDespite my extensive research, I believe that my expertise on Auden was somewhat lacking in certain areas, specifically his poetic style. I understand that much of his work utilizes styles and diction that he then proceeds to turn on its head for further effect. However, I do not fully understand all of his stylistic choices in his work and as such feel as though my understanding of him as a poet is lesser for this loss. I felt as though I understood his historical motivations for his work and poems, his place within a society that was less than accepting of his sexuality and the time at which he was involved with friends of his in Germany obviously provides a great deal of insight into his work. The reasoning behind what he has done is a little more obvious to me, whereas the exact meaning behind his work and writing is a entirely more complicated affair. I feel as though I perhaps could have better understood his decisions with more in depth research on poetic style as a whole.

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