Goodbye William

shakeeeThe last play William Shakespeare wrote, The Tempest, he portrayed a lot about himself within the play. Not only did he include things that related to his life, but dialogue, characters, or objects that symbolize something that has to do with his modern time. For example, at the end of The Tempest, Prospero he or she at the end of the play snaps the staff that controls his/her magical power. Prospero was retiring for his lifetime from performing anymore magic, and that was basically symbolizing how Shakespeare snaps his pen in half to mark his retirement from the writing industry. Another thing that was portrayed in the last play Shakespeare wrote himself, was the beginning of slavery. Prospero had a slave himself, Ariel, who would go around and listen to everyones conversations that Prospero wanted to know of. Anything Prospero wanted Ariel would get  it done. In the real world, that is a symbol of the start of slavery, the slaver owner (the master) is Prospero and Ariel is the slave. The comedy, the romance and tragedy of this play make it really good but the comparison of the story to Shakespeare and the real world make it really interesting to read.

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