Poetry takes Animation

Billy Collins is globally recognized as a poet, but what not everybody knows is that he enjoys filmmaking. As seen in the video, Collins combines the use of poetry and film into a form of media. This is certainly an element of modernism because it gives people the chance to experience poetry in a whole new light. The animation in Collins’ videos are simple, but offer the imagery necessary for the viewer to experience all of the poem vicariously. The visual animation along with the audible poetry illustrates the text as we follow along. Collins’ unique notion to combine these two elements shows us even more of how he is a remarkable patron of modernism. In today’s modern society, the element of poetry as media can make it more widespread throughout the world, and therefore Collin’s poetry can become even more revolutionary. As Collins is still alive and writing, we are still yet to see what kind of impact his exceptional combination of film and poetry will have on society.

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One Response to Poetry takes Animation

  1. bsullivan35 says:

    Grace, I think this is a great TED Talk! Which poem/cartoon is your favorite? Why? Also, take a moment to deselect “Uncatgorized.”

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