Shakespeare, here to stay.

The qshakespeare_2551464buote “he was not of age, but of all time” said by Ben Johnson is relevant to William Shakespeare and his work because even though his work was written in the late 1500s, it still lives on and impacts everyday lives today 500 years later. Shakespeare’s difficult upbringing made him face a variety of hardships; from having to leave his home town because his father did not have money and had to engage in making gloves, to his personal view on religion and also his quick marriage to his pregnant wife these shaped him into the person he became that later helped him with his writings. His diverse collection of poems, sonnets, and plays makes his work appealing to a varied range of people. Not only is his work appealing, it is also so sophisticatedly written that people in ever genre can understand and connect with. Overall, Johnson’s quote reflects the work Shakespeare has provided the world with, that is here to stay for good.

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