Does a Woman’s Right to Privacy Extend After Death?

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.23.06 PMAn interesting idea that I was not able to explore in my paper was the after-death mischief regarding Anne Sexton’s records of therapy and hospitalization. These records, many years later, were released by her therapist in an attempt to help a young woman write a biography of Sexton’s life. There was much controversy over this release and breach of conduct; many people arguing that it is a breach of privacy, but Sexton’s friends and family, for the most part, agree that Sexton would have encouraged and allowed this to happen. Sexton, a confessional poet already, described her most intimate problems in poetry, already taking away any privacy she had. Sexton was comfortable enough to publish books and collections of poetry about herself and her struggles, and so her therapist was willing to release her records in order for a book to be published with accuracy about her life. In my opinion, I think that this choice should have been left to the family, who also supported the releasing of records. Sexton openly suffered during her life, and the release of her records can only benefit other people through the education of others on suicide and addiction. But this controversy has sparked debate all over the country; does a woman’s right to privacy extend even after death?

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