Period F’s Annotated Resources for College Essay Writing

Students in F Period class really enjoyed the creative delivery of this video’s content. Though I found it too much visualization at times, I was really impressed how effeciently they understood that writing is not a gift and is a skill that improves with patience and practice. Wow! That is a a great starting point for our work with learning personal narrative essay writing skills for application essays and supplemental pieces. This awareness also helps them summon past writing skills and embrace new skills because they are avoiding negative mindset scripts, such as “Oh, I can’t write.” Or the occasional, “Bad writing runs in my family.” After a productive first week, everyone is ready to take on the challenge of learning and fine-tuning our writing skills. So here’s the fun part. While this post is a collation of our collective research, seniors will now review this prioritized annotated list, and then comment below what their favorite new skill or habit. Thus, limit your comment to 140 characters (including spaces). In fact, you can use Texting language and syntax; I say this in case you don’t realize yet that you are creating a future classroom Tweet! Again, you do not have to have a Twitter account. I already have one for class. You need to compose a Tweet using condensed language (higher order thinking exercise akin to poetry) and research on Google appropriate (#) hashtag. The best use of hashtags will most likely create the most connections on Twitter. When I Tweet your Tweet, I will reward an extra credit bonus point to a time management assessment for each favorite you receive on this. Two bonus points for ReTweets!  See my comment below as a model.


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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7 Responses to Period F’s Annotated Resources for College Essay Writing

  1. bsullivan35 says:

    The following is an example of a Tweet.

    #Seniors2015 Of all #collegeapp tips, #1 is being true to oneself & believing in oneself in my #collegeessay. thx @CollegeEssayGuy 🙂

  2. bsullivan35 says:

    If you are confused about how to compose a Tweet, try researching a page on how to create a tweet. This is what I found; it will be interesting to see what Google provides for your searches:

  3. ACL_TEAR says:

    College essay writing is like stairs. You can’t skip steps. #Collegeessay = #Process #embracethegrind. The view from da top must be nice.

  4. Will Breault says:

    The video linked above gives great insight into what exactly it is that makes writing a skill, not something you are born with. The video does not shy away from going in depth to show what skills are needed in order to start and finish the writing process. Laying out everything was the easy part, because that is how writing works, it is easiest to layout everything and follow the path you drew out for yourself. Thank you for sharing this video, and I highly recommend it you share it with others around you so they can too see the underlying works of writing.

    • Will Breault says:

      Writing takes #Time but in the end it is the #MostValuable time spent to grant you #CollegeAccess so that you can then become someone you #wannabe

  5. 15kbt says:

    For all #BadWriters, writing is a #Skill. I will get better with practice. #PracticeMakesPerfect #PutInWork #CollegeEssays

  6. 15jcp says:

    #PMP To all the seniors out there struggling on their College Essay, just always remember that writing is a #Skill #PMP #PracticeMakesPerfect Believe in yourself and remember that writing takes #time there is no need to rush #English

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