Here’s how we will nurture our first exit ticket by sharing it on Twitter

Let’s have you work in pairs if you need to do so. We want you to develop your first exit ticket into a larger take-away. Then look for an asset on Twitter to send a message or a question about your take-away. Try also to locate the trend, motif or pattern of your take-away in a Shakespeare play or sonnet. You can hashtag (#) the #sonnet18 title or the title of the play. Bxnv6bICAAAX0X_.jpg-large

About Bill Sullivan

I am an English teacher working with great students at Suffield Academy. I also teach seniors in various project-based learning environments. Some of the #PBL topics included global issues, such as Pandemics, Climate Change, and Water; more recently I have asked students to research and identify topics important to our school community and their generation. We curate these topics with a #StudentCenteredPBL. For the past eleven years, I also created a driving question for a class to research a local history mystery and present their findings in a community program partnering with our local historical society. These topics encompass researching the lives of enslaved individuals who were contributors to the foundation of our community.
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12 Responses to Here’s how we will nurture our first exit ticket by sharing it on Twitter

  1. hbells says:

    Shakespeare’s plays were influenced by the biblical and dramatically written Mystery Plays he saw as a child. These plays were later banned because of the reformation happening under Queen Elizabeth’s rule, but Shakespeare kept the underlying stories alive within his sonnets.
    #shakespeare #influence #LiveOn #sonnets

  2. pnc491 says:

    Shakespeare’s love in reading helped him enhanced his writing with allusion. #Sonnet #Shakespeare #Allusions

  3. 15dem says:

    Although Shakespeare was supposed to grow up wealthy because of his royal ancestors, he had to gain his own wealth, which was one of many things that motivated him to succeed. #GainedNotGiven #Shakespeare

  4. marys says:

    Shakespeare was a brilliant student and had an amazing memory, which helped him to memorize lines to many plays throughout his lifetime. #memory #Shakespeare #poetry

  5. Luca says:

    #Shakespeare’s upbringing affected his writing. Here’s a recapitulation of his life story: #Roots

  6. 15wdb says:

    Throughout his sonnets Shakespeare references beauty and how human beauty fades, but the beauty of his work doesn’t #Shakespeare #sonnets

  7. Luke Skywalker says:

    Shakespeare had a insane relative on his mothers side of the family that plotted to kill queen Elizabeth I. His name was William Arden and was imprisoned then later executed #wow #cooltonote #crazystuff

  8. dan says:

    #Shakespeare uses his family and religious background to create dramatic events in his #plays

  9. 15MPK says:

    Shakespeare uses his country roots in his sonnets, which depicts an image for the reader and also another meaning behind it.

  10. Becs says:

    Shakespeare haunted by his past #sonnets #lifeinfluene

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