http://www.history.com/topics/samurai-and-bushido/videos/samurai Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world, but first, it started as a small village. Around twelfth century, Tokyo started as a town called Edo around twelfth century, and it was not the capital at that time. Instead the capital was the city called Kyoto. Edo was formed around Edo Castle, and the population of the samurai, who are upper class warriors, made a distinctive difference between other cities such as Kyoto and Osaka. In 1720s, Tokyo’s population grew to 1 million to 1.25 million and became the largest city in the world. At the same time it became the largest city, Tokyo replaced Kyoto as the capital of Japan with absolute power of Tokugawa Shogunate who ruled Tokyo at the time.

Tokyo has very unique cultures. During the time period of Edo, people wore kimono, which is Japanese traditional clothes and people loved entertainments such as sumo, and traditional Japanese theater called Kabuki. Today, Tokyo is much more different from time period of Edo. It is a city filled with people and many skyscrapers, and people only wear Kimono anymore unless for special occasions. Nevertheless, Kabuki still exists and many of the elders still like to watch this classic art. One of the most unique cultures in Tokyo today is Japanese animation, manga, and games; perhaps it is famous all over the world. These new cultures represent mixture of distinctive art and today’s modern entertainments.

This video explains more about the samurai culture in Edo restoration.TOKUGAWA PERIOD AND MEIJI RESTORATION

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