The Only Official Tech City in China – Mianyang



Mianyang, Sichuan, China

My hometown is Mianyang, Sichuan and it is located in Southwest China. Geographically speaking, it is at the center of China. It has a 2200 years history until now. The famous Chinese poet, Li Bai, was born in Mianyang. Although Mianyang is a fairly small city that did not have much history recorded, Sichuan province would be a better representative of our history and culture. Sichuan, is known for the hometown of Panda, the tremendous beauty of nature, and the relaxing life of people who live here. It is the hometown of Panda, in other words, Pandas around the world are all from Sichuan. High mountains while maintaining a plain area at the center geographically surround Sichuan province. It is the most difficult place to invade in the history, even in the most recent war, the WWII, Sichuan is one of the few provinces that did not get invaded. However, these nature defenses also create fascinating beauties that attract millions of visitors every year. People here live with relaxing life style with slow pace, and this is one of the reason that Sichuan has the most delicious food throughout China, because people in history could settle down and do experiments on food everyday within their free time. For example, business people would not go to a conference room to have a discussion, instead, they would go to a tea shop and talk about things in terms while playing poker and drinking tea. There is no one rushing in the subway, even when is time for work. Its aspect of having such relaxing life style is related to its history, and it is the place that people naturally wanted to settle down and relax instead of rushing and being busy all the time since thousands of years ago.

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