My Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Seoul has a long history that it had many names: Wirre, Hansan, Namguong, Hangyang. In ancient days, people got many benefits from the region because there is a river on the middle of the region, so the ground was fertile enough for agriculture. After Korean War, people officially named this region Seoul. Since then, there were instantaneous developments in Seoul, and this improvement led to the increase of population and growth of the traffic in Seoul; hence, Seoul became a cultural and economical center in South Korea.

Seoul is a special place for me because I was born in Seoul and lived there for the most of my life. If you prefer living in urbanized places, Seoul is suitable to you. It is really convenient to live in the city due to the advances of transportation. I can easily move to place to places, so I do not have to depend on anyone. Also, there are a lot of fun leisure activities I can enjoy. Especially, I like watching movie, climbing a mountain, and going to karaoke with my family or friends. Although I am used to stay far away from my hometown these days, I still feel more comfortable whenever I go back to Seoul. I am satisfied to live in Seoul, and I consider it as my eternal home.

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