Ned (Edward) Alleyn

In the film Shakespeare in Love, Ned Alleyn shows his fame and confidence very blatantly. Upon his arrival, he quieted the man who funded the plays (the most powerful man involved), and quickly asked for a role. When he found out that his role involved him dying, he was shocked, because a world renowned actor such as himself had never been asked to die. He was already great friends with Will and form an even stronger partnership that lasted long and launched both their careers into the fame they deserved.

Ned Alleyn’s was born in Bishopsgate, London. He had close ties with Christopher Marlowe early in his career of being an actor. He played either the protagonist, or another main character in three of Marlowe’s plays. He was married during his career to Joan Woodward. Tragically, she passed away, and a year later he was remarried to Constance Donne until he died in 1626. Before his death, Alleyn used a lot of the money he harvested during his career to establish a high school known as Dulwich College.

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