Burbage in Love

burbage loveIn Shakespeare in Love Richard Burbage is played by Martin Clunes and is a real person in Shakespeare’s life. Burbage was more or less brought up on the stage because both his father and older brother were actors as well. In Shakespeare in Love Burbage has not yet joined with Shakespeare and he owns his own theater known in the movie as The Curtain. During the course of the movie the bond between Shakespeare and Burbage forms. This bond is slightly dramatized in the movie but eventually leads them to form the globe.

Burbage was a popular actor in the early 20’s yet his early acting career was mostly undocumented, although Burbage’s father and older brother also were well knowRichardBurbagen actors. He is most famous for being in Shakespeare’s theater company. Thus, he played many key roles in Shakespeare’s plays. Even though he was mainly in Shakespeare’s plays, he was a highly sought after actor featuring in some other popular plays of the time. Burbage and Shakespeare’s company owned the leading theater at the time in 1599, the Globe. This was where Burbage shined and flourished on the stage because, unlike most of the members of Shakespeare’s fellows Burbage continued acting until his death.

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