The Transformation

silwilkinsonIn the opening Scene of the movie “Shakespeare in Love” we are introduced to Fennyman as a corrupt and cruel loan shark. He lends large sums of money out knowing his associates will not be able to pay it back within his required time. He’s nothing more than a money hungry thief, until he hears who will be writing the Rose’s new play Shakespeare.The thought of a new play along with a young up in coming writing intrigued, his revokes his original plans of burning Henslowe’s feet. As the movie carriers on we see Shakespeare take control of the play and atmosphere within the Rose, and Fenneyman take back becomes a supporter of the actors. He starts to see the joy along with hard work that goes into creating a well-done production. This trend of transformation throughout the movie with Fennyman, along with a majority of the characters creates a perfect theme for “Shakespeare in Love“.

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