In Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, the author conveys a strong and pure female character that stays true to her heart. Viola is able to put on a façade as a man in the house of the Duke of Illyria. She is able to disguise herself as Cesario and get very close to the Duke and begin to develop feelings of love. She shows the strongest amount of love for anyone and doesn’t hop from one guy to another. Her love for Orsino is constant throughout the play. In the play Viola acts as a man and goes to Olivia’s house as the messenger of love. While playing this façade, she ends up falling in love with the man that she is serving. Both Olivia and the duke do not realize the trick that is being played. This causes big problems when it comes to love. This is because Olivia begins to fall for “Cesario” who cannot show the same love because she is in love with the duke. Viola is a very cunning and smart character, her skill at being able to gender switch proved to be a advantage but also a possible downfall. This would be the fact she was delivering messages from the Duke to another Olivia, meanwhile Olivia is falling in love with her. This love triangle doesn’t continue that long because Olivia would not be true to heart and stay loving Cesario, she would switch to Sebastian. Violas constant ability to keep the triangle going shows how deep her love was for him.

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