The Alteration of Hugh Fennyman


Fennyman Acting in Shakespeares play.

In The film “Shakespeare in Love” the character Hugh Fennyman, portrayed by Tom Wilkinson, develops a love for theatre. In the beginning of the film Hugh Fennyman has little respect for theatre and the actors and writers involved in it. This is clearly seen in a scene when the actor Ned Alleyn derides him in front of the theatre. In the scene Fennyman even bluntly calls himself “the money”. This moment possibly embarrasses Fennyman, possibly to the point of changing his whole outlook on life towards the end of the film as he develops a great appreciation towards the theatre and Shakespeare’s new play. Fennyman is given a role as a druggist, a role that he takes seriously. Acting seems to make Fennyman happy and caring. Overall, Hugh Fennyman changes in Shakespeare in Love for the better, a man who used to care only about money now has an actual passion in his life thanks to Shakespeare.

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