infographic “Assimilation”

Huckleberry Finn

This infographic of Huckleberry Finn successfully relate some important skills in modern days with important body parts and match up their functions. For example, Multitask as an important skill for people to do things more efficiently is shown in pictures and words, which I was thinking about adding certain photos at the same time as I was writing. Scheduled sleep is one of the important skills also since it gives you energy to work or study efficiently, and the infographic shows a clear formatting and mapping with almost identical icons, which it required good sleeps to have a very concentrated brain to be able to do that. The heart of the human is the most important, which is the engine of the person. Prioritizing tasks and works to be able to finish efficiently to win certain competitions. Indeed without prioritizing tasks we would not able to work efficiently at all, which the choice of photos and icons reflects the prioritizing skills of the writer. The other things as news paper like comparisons are being disciplined and seeking support also related to the human body as watch and bones, which reflect time and support. It not only expresses the idea of importance of these things, but also reflects them as the key of a successful infographic.

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