Infographic on Jim

Infographic on JimThe 21st century skill that I used most to create my infographic was how adept I am with technology and understanding user interface. I was very quick to understand the application that I was working with, and so I was able to work very efficiently. The only challenge in creating my infographic was finding a topic that expressed what I was trying to deliver to a reader. I think that this came naturally to me, as I am usually very good at finding what needs to be improved and how to improve it in regards to my writing skills, and I think that I found a topic that exhibited my knowledge of Twain’s work and could sufficiently convey it to the reader. My favorite part of making the infographic was that I had free reign over what I wanted to create. There was no blueprint for what I had to do to be successful, and I was able to use my imagination to make an image that was captivating and educational of my own design. In every project that I do, especially concerning my work in English, I try to give myself a challenging topic. Sometimes in papers, I try to write from a perspective that I do not agree with so that I can practice creating an argument from a different angle. For my infographic, I was able to do just this inconsequentially, as I was fully in control of what I was working with. Because I am well versed in technology, the only thing that was holding me back was my own creativity. What impressed me the most with a classmate’s infographic was the skill with graphic design displayed by several classmates. Many of them created infographics that were attractive and easy to understand without sacrificing information. I think that Frank did the best job of acc

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