Comic Element of All Time

              She is the Man is a movie that is inspired by Shakespeare’ s comedy Twelfth Night. When we compares the movie and the play, it is amazing to see that the comic traits have never changed as time goes by. Two stories have two different settings, along with different historical backgrounds. However, the movie uses some of the comic elements from the play, which would never be considered old-fashion. For example, mistaken identity is a comic pattern throughout the movie. Monique, Sebastian’ s ex-girlfriend, often mistakenly called Viola Sebastian. After Sebastian comes back from London, he, instead of Viola, mistakenly plays the soccer game and gets caught by principle Gold. The movie, She is the Man, reflects how timeless Shakespeare’ s literature are. Even after hundreds of year, his comedy can still raise a laugh in the modern time.

Movie Clip from She is the Man

Movie Clip from Twelfth Night: Or what you will(**2:48-4:27**)

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