The Lost Jock

Duke flirting with Olivia as Viola looks on.

Duke flirting with Olivia as Viola looks on.

There’s comedy in thinking the most popular and attractive kid in school gets nervous around the opposite sex. The reason being that it’s rare like in the sense of a unicorn. It’s a general stereotype that the hottest guy/girl should have a immense amount of  confidence when they communicate with others; since everyone tends to gravitate to them. It’s easy to assume that after years of girls begging for his attention he would have picked up some sort of tolerance for his nervousness around girls. Especially, those who are the same caliber of “hottest” as him. In contrast, it’s hilarious to see the differences between Eunice and Duke and how their presumed confidence levels have been transferred. Eunice being a minor character, portrayed as the ugly duckling, seems confident in the most awkward situations. Whether its approaching someone for the first time or creating weird conversations trying to create some sort of connection. On the other hand, Duke can’t keep a conversation with a girl not knowing he;s being opening up to one this whole time. The comedic value that goes into creating a perfect man(in the eyes of many girls) thats faced with a dramatic flaw of lacking the ability to talk to girls, makes him our tragic hero within our shakespeare inspired comedy.

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