Comparing the depictions of Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing

imgresAt the start the two movies are different they take a different approach at achieving a good realistic couple. The scenes from the start are in two totally different scenarios. The 1993 Beatrice and Bendick are in front of all of the other people. This presents a very hard window for flirtation, the battle of wit is shown very well here. To the contrary the 2012 Beatrice and Bendick being there love alone in a garden settling, and Beatrice showing a flirtation smile after beginning the fight. The version leans more on the romantic side of this instead of the showing a strong battle of wits, its dull from Benedick and she is not convincibly showing her hidden feelings. The 1993 versions shows two very strong and confident characters there isn’t a lack of confidence in either of them. This compared to in the 2012 movie a Beatrice is more like a angry girlfriend who seems like she is mad at Benedick for dulling something wrong. She doesent throw jabs that hard at him. The severity of the insults are significantly less. The 2012 version shows a Benedick that is not even looking at Beatrice and stairing off into nowhere. The ending of this battle of “wits” is Beatrice acting innocent and saying she knows how he thinks because he always ends it with a jades trick. The 1993 version present a audience and a time to shine for both of their wits. Beatrice and Benedick show a very low lack of feelings for one another, Beatrice almost showing a hate for him. Benedick ends the battle of wits with his version of the jade trick which is insulting her infront of everyone and making a fool out of her. This embarrassing her a lot more then it does in the other movie.

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