Masked love

“Why, he is the prince’s jester: a very dull fool;
only his gift is in devising impossible slanders:
none but libertines delight in him; and the
commendation is not in his wit, but in his villany;
for he both pleases men and angers them, and then
they laugh at him and beat him. I am sure he is in
the fleet: I would he had boarded me” (II,i)

This scene is different in the two movies, the newer version the scene is handled more delicately involving more people therefor incorporating social nuances. These social interactions decrease the intimacy of the conversation.There is an added seriousness to the scene as well brought about by the more insulting attitude of Beatrice. Benedick is thus more insulted.

bea and ben

The scene in the 1993 production is less serious and more of a personal flirting moment between Beatrice and Benedict. This is clear because Beatrice has a happier tone and while Benedick is still offended the tone is more flirty and fun in this version. This element is shown even further by the couple going to dance after their bitter conversation.

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