The Vintage Future

much-ado-about-nothing-amy-acker-alexis-denisofIn Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado about Nothing, it’s clear to see that the heart and soul of the play lies within the comedic wordplay of Beatrice and Benedict. Being the life of the play their wit and integrity constantly gets tested. As their relationship continues to grow we begin to see how the need each other for both entertainment and love. As the two dances and exchange dialogue while one plays the fool. In the modernmuchado version of the play it  their conversation is not as personal due to the group like setting. Another important detail to include is competition within the modern version. While Benedict converses with Beatrice trying to get information out of her, beatrice is simultaneously being wooed by another man. The difference in the original and modernized version is modern version loses sight of shakespeare vision by switching scenes and characters. Though he would be impressed with the creativity and attempt to switch roles you lose sight of watching a shakespeare film when watching it.

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