Harlem Renaissance Art


Jacob Lawrence was the first mainstream African American Artist of his time, his Migration pieces are my favorite. This artwork depicts the journey that African Americans took to get to America. Lawrence talks about how as a young child although he studied American history he never learned about African American History, he said that is was impossible to talk about American History without involving the African American. He used these pieces to tell that story, and although not one particular piece stood out to me collectively they were very powerful. In these paintings Lawrence gives us just a fragment of the full picture and we as observers are supposed to take it and decode it. This element of modernity is quite common through his Migration pieces almost as if he is telling a story.

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2 Responses to Harlem Renaissance Art

  1. emmaalexandra1 says:

    I found this piece highly intriguing. I felt like you really understood the true essence of the piece of artwork, as well as getting a sense of the background history. However, what influenced him to express his feelings and ideas in this modern, new way? Was it something in his background or an influential artists before or during his time? Great job!!

  2. naoki2 says:

    It’s interesting that he gives a fragment of a full picture instead of telling everything in one piece of art. Did he have any connection to Aaron Douglas? It’s interesting how Jacob Lawrence and Aaron Douglas both have very unique style in their art.

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