Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas was a famous African American painter during the Harlem Renaissance era. He was born in Topeka, Kansas, and attended Nebraska University where he graduated as black art major. After he moved to Harlem, New York, his paintings that are themed on African culture and has unique style got recognized and his works had featured in several books and covers of magazines. His paintings show the African American culture from the original aspect of African culture and also he incorporates modernism of new literary form and makes the audience participate. One of his major works, “Song of the Towers” which is the painting with an African looking at the light shining  between two mountains shows the African American’s struggle and triumph living in America. He was a painter, who led the artist community during Harlem Renaissance.

here is some video about Aaron Douglas…

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2 Responses to Aaron Douglas

  1. 16arp says:

    I love how you gave an example of one of his pieces that perfectly displayed the type of work and influence that Aaron Douglas had on the African American culture. Though the Harlem Ren. was a difficult time to live in, who had an impact/ influence on Aaron Douglas? Really good job o this blog…loved it!!

  2. bsullivan35 says:

    I appreciate how your research shined upon his leadership skils within the Harlem Renaissance movement. Did you see how he also illustrated for James Weldon Johnson and Countee Cullen, poets we studied at the end of the winter term? Would it be interesting to see what he created for them?

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