Jazz and Modernism

Harlem Renaissance and modernism are closely interconnected to each other. For instance, jazz music, part of Harlem Renaissance, creates modernistic mood. It is created in late 1800’s, and the music expresses African Americans’ feelings. Unlike to other music, the sounds are discordant and casual, which are related to nonlinear fashion. In addition, Jazz music demonstrates the revolting attitude. During that period, there was discrimination between white people and African Americans, and therefore, they would feel suppression toward white people. These repressed feelings are mixed in the jazz music. This is the reason why the jazz music represents eagerness of freedom and systemless expression, that it is correlated to the element of modernism: questioning the power.

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3 Responses to Jazz and Modernism

  1. oskarkvaternik says:

    I’m very fond of the connection you made between suppressed feeling and the free music of jazz. I believe this is a very important thing to consider in relation to the beginning of jazz. Great work!

  2. 16dmg says:

    I was very intrigued by how you wrote that their was a non-linear fashion of jazz music, as I had never thought of it that way. Your piece has given me a new perspective, very nice.

  3. frankwxxxx says:

    Great connection between the culture of jazz music and some civil right movements. Could you explain more about how jazz itself reflects Harlem Renaissance? Maybe talk more about connections to Harlem Renaissance than Modernism will help.

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