Jazz during the Harlem Renaissance

The piece of Harlem Renaissance Art that I found was Music during the Harlem Renaissance. This can relate to modernism in the sense that the reader must participate: add emotion and draw his or her own conclusions to the music. Jazz music tends to have lots of feelings and meaning to it and from this people can draw their own conclusions and they can relate to it in their own way. Music at this period of time was a form of Art because of the power that it had and how much it affect people. A form of music that was common during the Harlem Renaissance was Jazz. Jazz was very popular at that time because of the rhythm and flow it had. A couple of very talented musicians in during the Harlem Renaissance period were Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong.

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2 Responses to Jazz during the Harlem Renaissance

  1. oskarkvaternik says:

    The power of jazz could not be denied. It shook the people’s culture, angered many and influenced even more. This is the message of the post above, which perfectly sums up the true role of this music genre in the first half of 1900’s.

  2. 16jk says:

    I agree with that jazz music includes a lot of emotions, and it is influential to people. What do you feel when you listen to jazz music?

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