Little Black Bird

Harlem Renaissance Art “Little Black Bird”

In this picture of an example of Harlem Renaissance Art, the major evens that were happen in the era and highlights were produced. For example, people played instruments and sang were symbols of the rise of Jazz music, which was very controversial and fresh at the time. People tried to convince others to accept it. The people in the picture have various skin colors, which represent some major civil rights movements during this time period, such as equal rights and liberty movements as the education level rises. Another distinguish aspect of this art is the various color spread in the picture. Harlem Renaissance arts all seem to have very colorful pictures to reflect one side as the on going civil rights movements especially for African American, and another side of the new and free era which is more open in people’s minds.


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4 Responses to Little Black Bird

  1. 16dmg says:

    I like that you appreciated the symbolic side of jazz music in this picture in addition to the surface level of it. What is your opinion on the mixing of jazz music with equal rights and do you think there is a correlation? I think you could polish your post a bit by giving more of your opinion instead of just analyzing it.

  2. 16oka says:

    Good explanation of the significance of Jazz during this time period. Why did you focus on this aspect of the harlem renaissance?. Just a little bit of word revision is necessary. Great Job!

  3. emmaalexandra1 says:

    Frank, as an avid art lover, I very much appreciate this blog post. I really like how you added some background information on the piece, as well as the inclusion of the medium, colors and feelings of the art. Something that I would like to hear from you in this post, is the way you connected to this piece. Do you have any specific feelings towards it? What is your favorite part of it? Overall, fantastic post!

  4. bsullivan35 says:

    Frank, you really found a compelling image here. Research the source a little more. Try finding out more about this image by doing an image search, and then find a credible source that hosts this popular image on its page. Let me know if you need help.

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